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Working at East Coast Worldwide may be unlike what you’re accustomed to while working in a studio.  We choose to run our studio like a business - a distinct deviation from what a majority of tattoo studios choose to do.  It has made us very successful.

We clearly lay out our expectations in the beginning and we will hold you accountable.  We expect every staff member of our studio to be respectable to all staff and clients, and to help uphold the vision that we have for our studio’s future.

Please check out our mission statement.  We are serious about our goals.  One thing that you must clearly understand if you're interested in working here:  If you in any way cause us to deviate from our mission you will not be welcomed here. 

Providing a body modification experience is a lot more than a face to face interaction with clients.  Doing a great tattoo or piercing and making your client feel welcomed and warm is an important part of what we do.  However, we know what goes on behind the scenes when clients are away and the effort that goes into drawing, being professional behind the scenes, and the overall integrity of the service as a whole.  We are dedicated 100% to making everything as perfect as we can.  We expect the same dedication from all staff members.

You must have a recent professional portfolio.  Links to an online portfolio are acceptable.

Your tattoo portfolio must demonstrate proficiency.  We will look at it closely and look at your line work, saturation, blends, and composition.  The way our studio is structured, you will have ample time to compose a drawing.  We take composition very seriously and consider it the most fundamental part of a tattoo during the hiring process.

We do not tolerate any type of drug use at ECW.  If you use drugs, even recreationally, please do not apply.

If you are dramatic, please don’t apply.  We are professionals with goals in mind.  We're not looking to hire obstacles.

If you do not possess the highest skill in aseptic technique then please do not apply. 

If you cannot be on time for appointments with clients then please do not apply.  

If you do not have professional tools please do not apply.

Still interested?

If you’re still interested in applying, then send an email to with your information and portfolio or call 904.685.6516. x 111.

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