Safety Notice

You should be educated before you choose a studio

Safety Notice

Your health is our number one concern. As a matter of fact, there are new laws regarding the tattoo/piercing industry in the State of Florida.

Tattoo and piercing studios are required to obtain Biomedical Waste Permits from the County Health Department and obtain a regular disposal service for the biomedical waste accumulate from our services.

They are also required to maintain regular spore testing for the autoclaves used in sterilizing all equipment. This testing requirement is once every 90 days or after 40 hours of logged autoclave use. This is very important as it detects faulty units and prevents them from being used.

Studios are also required to have licensed Tattoo/Piercing artists, who are required to take state sanctioned courses and exams regarding Blood Borne Pathogens. These artists are required to renew their license yearly.

Studios must also be licensed by the County Health Department and are subject to unannounced inspections.

Studios must also pay their local business licenses with the county/city in which they do business. If studios do not pay this business license like all other businesses, they are establishing themselves as a burden to the community that they live in as they are not contributing the to upkeep of the communities.

BE WARY OF SHOPS WHO DO NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OR POST THEIR RECEIPTS! These requirements are established for your safety. If you come across an artist, or a shop for that matter, that does not comply, stay away! As a matter of fact if your gut tells you that something isn't right, trust it and leave!

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