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Things you may need to know


Consultations are required for all tattoos.
We are a custom studio which means we do not have an abundance of designs on the wall for you and 20 other people to get identical tattoos.  Consultations allow for a meet and greet between you and your artist, time to discuss the ideas related to your service, and time for the artist to draw up your designs to your satisfaction.
We are not a "production" tattoo studio, meaning that we do not specialize in getting people in and getting them out, but rather focus on the quality of the tattoo and happiness of our clients.  A consultation allows you and your artist time to perfect your design before we start tattooing.  
At the end of the day having a consultation and scheduling the appointment for a different day makes for a better tattoo.  That's the way we prefer to do it and we prefer clients who agree.
We do offer online consultations for those who are out of our immediate area.

We do not offer this service. When you have a consultation and have an approved drawing we will schedule you for our next available appointment. If you wish to get tattooed on a specific day in the future, it is best to have a consultation several week to several months beforehand. Our busy season is February - November and our wait times increase with seasonal surges.

The legal minimum age in Florida to get a tattoo is 16 years old. Anyone under the age of 16 absolutely cannot get tattooed under any circumstance.
We also are a more reserved studio and have a general policy of not tattooing minors under most circumstances.  All tattoos by minors will require a prior consultation first to describe the tattoo design, location, and the importance of the tattoo to the minor.  If the tattoo design or placement is something we feel will hinder the minor in their future we will turn it away.  If the minor doesn't fully understand that the tattoo is permanent and the maintenance that's required for tattoos as they age, then we will turn it away.  If the tattoo is a meaningless tattoo, we will turn it away.  
Both the artist and management have to approve any tattoos services performed on minors, so ensure that you make a consultation prior to wanting to get a tattoo so there will be sufficient approval time.  
Many may disagree with this policy, but we feel we must ethically and morally enforce this policy and fortunately are legally entitled to do so.


The State of Florida requires that parents/guardians be present for all minors under the age of 16.
A notarized consent form is required even with your presence for anyone under the age of 18.
Minors who are 16+ with a valid photo ID do not need to have a parent/guardian present so long as they have a notarized consent form, a valid government issued photo ID (not a school ID), and the consent form matches the name on the photo ID exactly.
Current notarization forms can be found by clicking "forms" on the bottom of any page on our website.
Please note that you do not have to get the form notarized in the State of Florida.
We do not allow you to use your own jewelry purchased outside of our studio for initial piercings. Our insurance requires us to keep and record the mill certificates for all jewelry used for initial piercings and this is not something that you will have, therefore we cannot accommodate. Once your piercing has healed we may be able to clean and sterilize your jewelry for insertion into a healed piercing. We have all of the jewelry for purchase necessary for initial piercings.
If your child is over the age of 5then they may be a candidate to get their ears pierced at East Coast Worldwide. We absolutely love making a child's day!
Not all of our piercers will pierce a child as young as two. You can check the piercers page to see what age they will pierce a child's ears. During booking you will not be paired with a piercer that does not pierce a child younger than they are comfortable with.
We do not pierce children under the age of 5. In the piercing industry there are some ethical reasons why this is the case, however as a parent the choice is completely yours. If you are determined to get your child's ear's pierced and they are under the age of 5, we recommend asking your pediatrician to pierce your child's ears. Some do and some do not. We recommend that under absolutely no circumstances do you let anyone pierce your child's ears with a "piercing gun". Please see for more information.
We understand that a child's first ear piercing is a special thing often remembered for a lifetime, and we want to help make this a special occasion for both you, the parent, and your child. We have many jewelry options in our studio, however we recommend that for your child's first piercing you do something a little more creative. We suggest coming in to the studio 6-12 weeks before the time you want to get a piercing to speak with a piercer about the jewelry options available, and how you can customize it. Not only are there many designs of jewelry, but there is new jewelry with different functionality, colors, metals, gems, etc... It's a really special thing to build custom jewelry with your child to be installed with their first piercing. Generally deciding on the design is easy, but allowing the child to choose from the different gem colors creates excitement for the child. If you are unable to do this we do have jewelry in stock for you to choose from.
Jewelry is not included in the price of a piercing for a simple reason:  There are so many types of jewelry - colors, qualities, styles, metals - that including one in the price of your piercing would be cheating you.  We believe that you should be able to choose your piece of jewelry that you want for your initial piercing rather than us giving you what is most cost efficient for us.  Our jewelry is the best body jewelry available in the world. We do offer many high end jewelry selections as well.
Beware of any studio who offers you jewelry with your piercing as it most likely is cheap and dangerous externally threaded jewelry.
To help everyone afford to experience East Coast Worldwide our most basic jewelry for every piercing starts at $41.99.  This includes non-jeweled plain titanium jewelry that is sized perfectly for an initial piercing from the best name brands such as Anatometal and Neometal.
We carry only the best body jewelry available in the world.
We do ship all custom jewelry such from any of the brands that we carry.  If you wish to order any custom jewelry please contact us with all of the necessary information and we can process your order.  We ship worldwide.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Yes! Most cover-up tattoos are difficult to cover because they require a lot of dark ink to conceal the existing artwork. Often times you end up designing your cover-up tattoo around covering your existing artwork instead of getting something you actually like. Laser tattoo removal is a great tool for lightening a tattoo and creating a cleaner canvas for your tattoo artist to work on. This gives them more flexibility and freedom to achieve the look that you want for your cover-up tattoo. Furthermore, we can connect you with one of our talented cover-up artists after your laser tattoo removal sessions.
East Coast Worldwide offers affordable pricing per treatment. Our prices are based on the size of your tattoo and the number of treatments you will need. Our Jacksonville Beach studio also provides free consultations and tattoo assessments to all customers. Special discounts and treatment packages are available as well.
Laser tattoo removal treatments are spaced a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks apart. This waiting period is necessary to allow your skin enough time to heal before its next treatment. Depending on how many treatments you will need, laser tattoo removal can take anywhere from a couple months to a year, but the results are well worth the wait.
Laser tattoo removal is commonly compared to a rubber band snapping against the skin. However, treatment is unique for all patients so what might seem tolerable to one person might feel painful for another. East Coast Worldwide has invested in the Zimmer Cryo cooling machine to make treatments comfortable for everyone. This cooling device numbs the skin before, during, and after your treatment, providing maximum comfort from beginning to end.
The number of treatments needed is dependent on a variety of factors including the age, color, size, and location of the tattoo being treated. Other factors taken into consideration are the types of ink used, the density of ink, any pre-existing scarring, and patient health. Multiple treatments are needed for every patient. The average number of treatments needed is 5 to 10, while patients interested in fading their tattoos may only need 2 to 4 treatments. East Coast Worldwide also uses the PFD Patch to reduce the number of overall treatments needed.
Our Trinity laser sends ultra-quick flashes of light energy through the skin to target unwanted ink trapped in your skin’s dermis. The ink particles absorb the light energy, heat up, and shatter into tiny fragmented particles that are small enough for your body’s immune system to naturally remove through your lymphatic system. Multiple treatments are needed to continuously break down the ink for faster fading.


Our policy strictly prohibits rescheduling or cancelling an appointment. We ask people to only make appointments if they are sure they can attend. Any failure to attend will result in a forfeiture of a deposit or a cancellation fee.
Cancelling or rescheduling significantly effects our ability to efficiently run our calendars and serve our clients.
Appointments are required for all services.
Piercing appointments can be made from our website with as little as a one hour notice.
All other services can be booked for the next business day, when available.
Make an appointment for a consultation to discuss this with your artist.
You can check out our website to make an appointment and view our availability. Click "Appointments" on any page.
All tattoos require a consultation. Tattoo consultations can be made for as soon as the next business day.
Piercing appointments can be made with a 1 hour notice.
While a consultation is free, reserving the appointment requires that you put some sort of collateral up front.  If you show to your appointment you will not be charged anything.  If you miss your appointment you will be charged a cancellation fee.  See the terms and conditions in the booking page for more information.
We charge a cancellation fee as we reserve a time slot for you that nobody else can book, and if you don't show we lose revenue from another customer who would have liked your time slot.  Please don't book if you aren't sure you can't make it or don't mind being charged a cancellation fee.
We have an advanced system that allows us to collect your credit card details through third party, We do not see your credit card number.
Online consultations are not free and your card will be charged.  Online consultations are optional.
You will need an appointment for each person in your party, whether it is a consultation or an appointment for a service.
This helps us better manage our time and our clients and ensure that enough time is given to each client. When you book a service we have to take into account clients that book after you as well - which you can't see from our online appointment portal. If multiple people show up during an appointment we may not have enough time to assist everyone before our next appointment.
Unfortunately we can't offer a consultation on the same day of an appointment. This rule is applied across the board whether you're local, driving in from Atlanta, or flying in from California. The only exception to this policy is if you're visiting a guest artist or if you book an all day appointment.  
There are several reasons for this policy.  
1) We won't know how long to schedule you for.  Your tattoo may take 2 hours to draw and 3 hours to tattoo, however if we schedule you only for 3 hours then you have to leave with an unfinished tattoo so we can meet our next scheduled client.  
2) Most tattoos are designed better with time.  If you give us some time to draw your tattoo we can reflect upon it and revisit the drawing and make changes when our creativity hits us.  If you want us to draw a tattoo on the fly we understand that most likely it could have been better if you had followed our process of tattooing.
3) We don't accept all projects that clients come to us with.  You may come to us and have a consultation and your tattoo idea is just not something that we're comfortable with or interested in taking on.  At that point it becomes really awkward if you have an appointment scheduled immediately afterwards.
Collectively we have a lot of experience in our industry and the way we have our studio process set up is the best for both our clients and for our staff.  Please respect our professional policies and understand that underlying between the inconvenience of not having a same day consultation and appointment are better tattoos.


Tattoo prices can vary depending on where you go.  Be wary of places that charge low prices as they may take shortcuts that exploit your health and safety.
Our prices for tattooing are set by each individual artist.  There is no studio standard pricing so you would need to consult with an artist for a price.
Please understand that there is no standard pricing for a tattoo, therefore we are unable to provide you with a price for a tattoo over the phone, over the internet, or by any other means except face to face. Seriously. This has been posted on our website and our voice system for 4 years yet we still field 3 calls a day asking us to give them a ballpark price. It simply won't happen. Make an appointment for a consultation if you're interested in us pricing out your tattoo.
If you're new to tattoos you should also know that price comparing tattoos is difficult. We actually encourage you to check out other studios and find an artist you like. This is a permanent thing. One thing people may get stuck on is a price per hour of a tattoo, however that hourly rate is relative. For example, if a tattoo artist charges $100 an hour but it takes him 8 hours to finish the same tattoo that another artist that charges $200 an hour finishes in 3 hours, the final costs are much different than expected. Tattoo artists are each unique and have their own style's, speed, and confidence, and all of these play into the price of a tattoo.
The cost of each piercing varies.  You can view our pricing by clicking here.
Be wary of cheap piercings.  Places that offer piercings for bargain basement prices generally sacrifice some aspect of safe piercing, whether it be using all one use, sterile sealed disposable items, quality of tools and needles, or quality of jewelry.  If you are just in the market for a cheap piercing, perhaps we are not the studio for you.  If you're in the market for a premium experience, sterile environment, and great jewelry, then we are.
Please keep in mind that the prices do not include the cost of jewelry.  Be wary of places that will include jewelry in the price of the piercing as a majority of places will give you the cheapest quality jewelry possible, which will severely inhibit your healing process and increase chances of rejection or migration.  Many of these places buy jewelry from places such as metalmafia, monster steel, or painful pleasures.  These companies sell very low quality body jewelry, usually for between $.10 and $.50 each to your piercer - which is why they include it in the cost of their jewelry.  This is very low quality jewelry with poor alloys, poor finishes, and the quality will most likely harm your piercing instead of help.  
Do not put poor quality metal into an open wound.  You deserve better than that.  Go to for more information.
To help everyone afford to experience East Coast Worldwide our most basic jewelry for every piercing starts at $38.99.  This includes non-jeweled plain titanium jewelry that is sized perfectly for an initial piercing from the best name brands such as Anatometal and Neometal.


We do sell aftercare at our studio for both piercings and tattoos. While we are regulated by the state for mentioning specific brands when giving you aftercare instructions, we have stocked what we consider to be the best products for ensuring your tattoo or piercing heal well.
Yes, but only if the CHILD has an appointment to get their ears pierced.  Children under 14 are not allowed in the studio for your consultations or appointments, and may not be in the lobby during your appointment either. We love children, many of us at the studio are parents, however we understand that a tattoo studio is no place for children to hang out. We love piecing children's ears, but that's the extent of children being present in our studio.
Please honor our request, as if you bring a child to your appointment you will be asked to leave and you will forfeit your appointment.
First of all let's be clear that a majority of the items that are used are for one time use - disposable items - and most of them will come in sterile packaging.  Having them come in sterile packaging costs us more, and few studios do this, but for us it's peace of mind and we view it as a professional responsibility to our clients.
Tattoo items are single use and disposable. We do not reprocess any part of the tattoo equipment for reuse. All items are discarded safely after each individual use.
The only items that will be reprocessed and sterilized for a piercing would also be the instruments actually used in the process.  Jewelry is never reused, but is sterilized before we use it in a fresh piercing.  Needles are never reused and are discarded properly. Many of our piercings are used without tools at all (freehand). For the safety of our clients we have disposable tools that can be used in some piercings.
After a piercing tools are placed in a disinfecting solution for 15 minutes to kill any organisms available on the surface of the tool.  This step however doesn't kill anything under the top layer of the tool.  This just makes the next steps a bit safer for the person cleaning the instruments.
Next we will scrub the instrument using wire brushes to remove all dirt and rinse thoroughly.  Once clean we place into a heated ultrasonic cleaner where we add a solution that contains enzymes that kill living proteins and further disinfects the instruments.  
After the ultrasonic cycle ends, we then package the instruments into individually sealed bags and place them into an autoclave which then sterilizes the instruments via heat and steam by heating the instruments to over 280 degrees celsius.  At this point the bags remained sealed to keep the instruments from becoming exposed to outside elements and forces. Before a piercing we actually open this bag and place the instrument into an autoclave cassette where we run it unwrapped in the actual sterile field in which we will be piercing from. This means our instruments that are reprocessed are done so TWICE, including once immediately before your piercing.
Our autoclave is a state of the art cassette autoclave called Statim G4 2000 by Scican, and it allows us to sterilize instruments and jewelry unwrapped in 7 minutes, and provides us and our clients the satisfaction of knowing that the cassette we are piercing from and it's contents are sterile.
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I had a great experience with the piercer, Nana! Very professional yet friendly atmosphere and above all very clean! I got my conch done and she was super knowledgeable of where the best placement not only looks wise but also comfort. I couldn’t be happier with the placement and with the experience as a whole. Will definitely be coming back to see her again!

Amanda Lally
- Google Review User
- Yelp User

“BEST Shop,  BEST Crew,   BEST Overall Experience.  I would not go anywhere else for a tattoo, I cannot say enough about the entire process...from design to the tattoo itself and then the follow up afterwards, everyone at ECW truly cares about their craft and want the customer to be happy.”

- Google Review User
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“The atmosphere inside is welcoming and relaxing – and most importantly CLEAN.  I will definitely be back and recommend ECW to anyone in Jax who wants a top-notch body modification.”

- Google Review User
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I walked in and was immediately impressed. Nicest shop I have ever walked into. I recommend this shop to any and everybody who is into tattoos and piercings. Best piercer and shop in Jacksonville HANDS DOWN!

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“When I walked in, I was impressed by how clean the place was. The high tech equipment they have makes me know they take their profession seriously. I would certainly recommend this shop to anyone looking for professional staff and clean environment.

- Google Review User
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“ECW is the best tattoo shop that I've been in. Everyone at ECW is extremely professional. I highly recommend ECW for anyone that wants a professional tattoo. I will get more tattoos from Patrick the next time I come down from Virginia, even if I need to make a special trip for it.”

- Google Review User
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"If I could give it an extra star I would. My piercing experience was excellent. James made well informed and instructed me through the entire process, I felt completely comfortable, everything was clean like doctor's office and everyone was extremely professional and I don't think I could go anywhere else now."

- Google Review User
- Yelp User

“Super clean environment!! Definitely a plus! I waited for maybe two minutes to go back. Before the service was performed James made sure that I was well educated on what to expect from the whole experience. Everything is sterilized right in front of you. The piercing was super fast and they use high quality jewelry!"

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