Our Mission

Why we do what we do!

Our Mission

At East Coast Worldwide Tattoo and Piercing Studio our mission is to offer the highest quality service, technology, and jewelry products hand-in-hand with the cleanest and safest experience to be found anywhere on this planet. By way of our exceptionally talented and highly creative staff of professionals, we aspire to be the best in our field regardless of the size, tenure or inclinations of our competitors. We cater to professionals seeking unparalleled workmanship and we are extremely proud to provide a customer service experience second to none. We fully understand that customer satisfaction and the quality of our workmanship is the cornerstone of our reputation and we embrace the many challenges and opportunities that will lend to our legacy. From the outset we have pledged a commitment to excellence and from that pledge we will not waiver.

Our Vision

Our Vision Is To Become The Most Respected, Successful, And Most Recognized Tattoo And Piercing Studio In The World, Not Only By Deed But Also By Way Of Friendship, Understanding And Integrity.

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8833 Perimeter Park Blvd Ste 501

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"James did an awesome job with my daith piercing. The whole process was explained very well and was easy to understand. James was patient and helpful with questions regarding care and jewelry. I recommend this shop to everyone looking to get a piercing."

December 8, 2023

"I’ve been going to a ‘regular’ style tattoo parlor for well over a decade. I found this place on Google looking for piercing jewelry and was more than pleasantly surprised. It is the cleanest facility I could imagine, kind of like a doctors office in the best way. James was super professional and kind, as well as helpful in troubleshooting issues my current piercings have from another studio. There are people leaving bad reviews on google complaining of pricing, but genuinely it seems on par for high end body jewerly. If you go on common wholesaler sites (Buddha jewelry, neometal, BVLA) - you’ll know the prices here are standard. I will definitely be back and highly recommend this studio."

November 30, 2023

"The most clean place I've been for tattoos and piercings; it's like a medical building! Every place should be this way. The staff is kind, knowledgeable, patient, respectful! Thank you James for my daith piercing and for doing my friends cartilage on the spot!"

November 27, 2023

"I absolutely love this shop. I have gotten an amazing tattoo from Julian and an impeccable piercing from James on an earlobe that was reconstructed after my earlobe split. The shop is clean, calm, professional and overall a great safe space."

November 26, 2023

"Got my first tattoo today from Joe Dalton. Loved how clean and professional he was. Really talked my though the process and gave great advice when I asked questions."

November 25, 2023

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