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Sometimes we train others to become tattoo artists or we help others who are out of practice get back into practice. Obviously these artists need people to tattoo to hone their skills. Signing up for this list gets you notified when those opportunities are available.

Some important things to note:
1. These are tattoos being performed for free or a significantly reduced price by someone who is new to the industry. There will likely be some errors and mishaps and that is to be expected

2. None of the work performed under this program is guaranteed by the studio - at all. We are either giving away tattoos or barely charging to cover our supply cost. You will sign a waiver acknowledging this.

3. Tattoos start out free, then gradually work their way up in price as the skill level improves.

4. Tattoo designs are approved by experienced artists before projects begin to ensure that apprentices are not taking on work beyond their skill set.

5. Do not contact us regarding this list. If you're on this list we will send out bulk emails about opportunities to get these tattoos. The emails will include the designs approved and how to book that time. It is on a first come first serve bases.

6. You may feel free to tip the apprentice if you wish, but it absolutely is not necessary.

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