Sale August 2017

August 2017 Sale!!! 20% off of all navel piercings. 30% off of all navel jewelry. Closeout - 40% off of polaris and star threaded ends, nostril pins, and select gold threaded ends.

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Awesome jewelry for awesome healing!

Our online store is in beta testing as of 1/20/2017 and will remain so for the next few months. If you have specific questions please email us at . We are able to custom order any jewelry for you in the meantime.

Body jewelry matters.  When it comes to healing the quality of the jewelry matters greatly.  When it comes to fashion, the quality of the jewelry is all that matters.  We are authorized dealers for some of the best body jewelry brands in the world, and can place orders for highly customized jewelry.  Gold, silver, platinum, glass, synthetic gems or real gems.  Any shape and size.  It’s all possible.

Things you can customize!

  • Type of Jewelry
  • Type of Metal
  • Gem(s) color and layout
  • Any Dangles
  • Any fixed ends
  • Anodization Colors
  • Any and Everything!

We can place jewelry orders in store or online.  Send us an email online to get a quote for body jewelry and we'll send you an invoice upon approval.  It’s really easy.  If you have an odd shaped project, we can do that too.  Please include a drawing of the jewelry if it’s difficult to describe so the jeweler gets it right.

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Order Jewelry
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Order Jewelry

Custom Order Jewelry Quote

Submit some information about the jewelry you would like to custom order and we'll get back to you with a quote.  You can pay online and we can have it shipped to you. 

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