Independence Day 2017

We will be closed on 7/4 to celebrate Independence Day.

Sale - May - June 2017

During the Month of May and June nostril piercings will be 20% off and all Nostril pins will be 30% off including Gold.

VIP Services

Offering Discreet services for those who like their privacy

Many of our clients are celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, business executives, prominent members of their communities, or simply those that value their privacy.  If you wish to have your tattoo or piercing session for yourself or your family conducted in a private session outside of our normal operating procedures, we offer a Vip service that includes complete discretion. 

All interactions in the studio will be conducted privately out of our lobby or in our general service area

Extended hours are offered before and after our studio hours for this service

Exclusive rear entrance to avoid public lobby

Complete confidentiality and discretion

Mandatory tattoo consultations are $100 for VIP Services

Tattoo sessions are billed at a premium rate for VIP Services

Labor for Body Piercings are at 200% for Vip Services

Make an appointment online now for VIP services

If you do not see an Appointment time you like, contact us privately for alternatives.

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