Sale August 2017

August 2017 Sale!!! 20% off of all navel piercings. 30% off of all navel jewelry. Closeout - 40% off of polaris and star threaded ends, nostril pins, and select gold threaded ends.


Another service that we provide to the public

We now staff Notary Public's.

We are now open to the public for Notarizations. You can book an appointment online with a Notary for your convenience. You should not expect to walk in and get something notarized here without an appointment.

Please note that there are some exceptions to what we are able to notarize. If you are getting a service at our establishment, only certain individuals may notarize your document. The person notarizing your document may not be the person who is performing the service, nor anyone with any ownership in East Coast Worldwide. Please schedule an appointment and answer a few basic questions about your service and notary needs if you are receiving a service at East Coast Worldwide to help us ensure that the appropriate notary is available for you.

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