2020 Covid-19 ECW Response

How we are protecting our clients.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Precautions

Due to the COVID-19 crisis we have implemented the following policies:

We are no longer accepting walk in clients. Appointments must be made for everyone.

Tattoo consultation appointments for cutoff at 11:59PM everyday for the next day. You cannot make same day online tattoo consultation appointments.

Piercing appointments can be made with a two hour notice throughout our normal business hours.

Appointments can be made on our website. Our front door remains locked during business hours. If you have an appointment please knock.

If you feel sick or have been around someone who is sick, stay home. Seriously.

Masks are required by the state for all staff. It is recommended that clients wear masks as well and we will be requiring this for now. We look forward to when this will not be required.

We are no longer allowing you to bring friends to your appointment. This policy is to minimize unnecessary person to person contact. Exceptions to this rule would be minors, in which parent presence is legally required.

We offer online consultations if you prefer. We have had this infrastructure in place for years, however now we are requiring it for everyone, again, to minimize unnecessary person to person contact. We are highly skilled in managing online consultations in our industry and our processes already in place allows us to do this efficiently.

Any services in store will be scheduled staggered. We will not crowd our studio with clients or staff. Only a handful of people (staff and clients) would be in our studio at any given time, and would always remain under the CDC recommended guideline of 10 people. We are striving for the maximum number of occupants in our 2200 sq ft facility to be no more than 6 people, staff and clients. Should we feel it is necessary we can move to different private rooms to perform services. Spacing will not be an issue. Staff will not be in the studio unless they have an appointment.

We have always used MERV 13 air filters. These air filters are hospital grade filters that filter out spores, virus, and smoke. We have always felt that client safety was a priority and have utilized these since our beginning over 8 years ago. Given the respiratory nature of this virus we are happy to know that we have these in place and a healthy stock of them.

The EPA lists several cleaners that are approved to kill COVID-19. We happen to stock 3 of those for everyday use at our studio. While each has it’s own purpose, we have instituted a plan to clean high touch surfaces several times a day, including iPad screens, credit card terminals, and door knobs. We ask that any clients who come in also take care to wash their hands frequently or use one of the many hand sanitizer stations throughout our studio as frequently as needed.

If you have specific questions for your artist, you can reach them at the following email addresses.


During the Coronavirus pandemic East Coast Worldwide will be softening it's cancellation policies to do our part in helping to contain the virus. If you feel sick, are recommended for self isolation, or are under a doctors orders to isolate, please contact us at support@eastcoastworldwide.com and we will help accommodate your rescheduling. We ask that you please do not come in if you are sick.

If any of our staff are sick they will stay at home and we may need to reschedule your appointment. The health of our clients and staff is our priority.

While we are a medium volume studio - that doesn't mean we are crowded. Generally we do not have more than 1-4 clients in the studio at any given time. With our extra precautions we are now confident that any risks to exposure have been mitigated and we hope our clients feel comfortable seeking out services at this time.

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